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Zirconium Crowns in Turkey refers to the coating of the tooth with artificial dental materials, also called white steel. Zirconium is a ceramic material used in the construction of prostheses in cosmetic dentistry to produce crowns and bridges with clearer and lighter colors. Zirconium is a 100% biocompatible material and is widely used for medical purposes, including artificial hip joints.

Zirconium dioxide crowns and bridges are very durable. These translucent, aesthetically flawless restorations found in dentistry today are five times stronger than porcelain dentures and are similar to natural teeth. Zirconium coatings are in high demand due to their light transmittance.

Zirconium, which is included in the group of coatings without metal support, is much more preferred than metal-supported coatings. The details about the durability of zirconium are as follows.

Is Zirconium a Durable Material?

In laboratory tests, it was concluded that zirconium crowns are two times stronger than metal-ceramic prostheses and five times stronger than full ceramic restorations used in dentistry.  Unlike amalgam and metal alloys used in dentistry in the past, the body detects as natural material zirconium you won’t have to worry about allergies or side reactions.

Best Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

Zirconium Crowns Features of Turkey

Transparency makes zirconium an excellent material for cosmetic dentistry. Due to the extreme dimensional accuracy of crowns, they can be obtained using biocompatible material. This avoids the use of invasive acid etching procedures and damage to the pulp or nerve of the tooth.

Zirconium oxide stands out primarily due to its high fracture toughness. Crack resistance refers to the resistance with which a material resists crack propagation.

An unusual feature of zirconium in comparison with other materials is that the crystal structure changes when a high voltage appears. This process is also accompanied by volume expansion. These two processes cause cracks that do not expand.

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