What is
Aesthetic Gum Treatment?

Periodontology treatment or aesthetic gum treatment is a treatment method in which irritants and bacteria that can cause inflammation are removed from the gums.  Periodontology treatment is usually an adequate treatment so that the gum can adapt to the tooth again.

In the early stages of gum treatment, patients are provided with dental calculus cleaning, removal of dental plaque, and proper gum health. But in advanced cases, surgical intervention is required to make adjustments to the gums.

The most basic purpose of periodontology treatment is to clean the stones in the deep pockets surrounding the teeth, to ensure the elimination of the pocket by flattening it, and to form a proper tooth root.

How is Aesthetic Gum Treatment
Performed in Turkey?

Before the treatment of periodontology, the doctor and the patient are interviewed through an interpreter. The doctor, listening to the wishes and expectations of the patient, draws up an operation plan.

If there is an infection in the gums before starting periodontology treatment, this infection must be removed. This is also possible by cleaning the dental stone and the root where the dental stone is attached. This process is called the initial treatment. During the initial treatment, procedures such as caries treatment, replacement of fillings, correction of prostheses are involved.

Gum Treatment in Turkey

In the second stage of periodontological treatment, a gum treatment method that the doctor will prefer is applied according to the patient’s gum condition. These methods are gingivectomy, flap operation, and mucogingival surgery. After these types of surgical interventions, regular check-ups of the patient are provided.

The Process of Recovery After the Operation of Periodontological Therapy

Since the treatment is performed by applying local anesthesia, no painful sensations are experienced during the treatment. However, after treatment, pains will occur with the passage of the effect of local anesthesia. You should use the medications recommended by your doctor for these pains. Although the healing process of the gum varies from person to person, the general condition is that the gums return to normal within 10-15 days.

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